Top-Quality Mini-Split Units for Your Home

Do you have a space that you would love to use, but can’t because it's too uncomfortable or can’t be accessed by normal ducting? A mini-split unit from Coovert Heating and AC, Inc. may be the answer for your needs.
Mini-split units provide true heating and cooling just like a standard central air-conditioning or heat pump system. The only difference is they're small and don't require ductwork like other systems! They're perfect for sunrooms and room additions.
Because mini-split systems don't require the ductwork and installation measure of other home comfort systems, you'll save time and money on your installation. They're also ultra-efficient, boasting some of the industry's highest SEER ratings. With utility rebates and our simple financing, you can pay even less for installation.
Call or email us now to find out if a new mini-split unit is the answer to your small-space comfort needs. You can also schedule your appointment online.
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